Ms. Molino is a co-founder and the Managing Partner at Bostonia Partners and has over 30 years of experience as an investment banker and finance professional. Ms. Molino has extensive capital markets experience focusing on real estate, energy, domestic project finance, and securitization markets. She has an extensive and unique background with securitizations and asset-backed financings, working with governments, corporations, real estate and energy clients, and has pioneered the introduction of a variety of credits into the capital markets. Ms. Molino has also served in the capacity of Financial Advisor and Investment Banker to several State, Municipal, and U.S. Government agencies on a variety of privatizations and public-private partnerships that involve securitizations. She has been involved with over $3.5 billion of highly structured project financings.

Ms. Molino formerly served on the Federal Energy Management Action Committee, which was established by Executive Order 12123, to provide advice and guidance to the Department of Energy in achieving the energy efficiency goals of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. She has also served as a member of the planning committee for GovEnergy and is currently serving as co-chair of the Energy Council of the Association of Defense Communities, as well as most recently Chair of the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships where she currently serves as Chair of the Energy Institute. Ms. Molino is a member of the Urban Land Institute where she serves on the Public Development and Infrastructure Council. Ms. Molino is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer at various industry conferences, and author of articles in trade publications on various financial topics including her contribution to Urban Land Institute’s “Green Office Buildings, A Practical Guide to Development”, 2005. Library of Congress: 2005904468.

Ms. Molino received her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Copenhagen University, Denmark and her master’s degree in Industrial Technology from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.