Capital Asset Ownership

Ownership & Management

Bostonia provides capital asset ownership and management services to clients who do not wish to own capital, assets but require the services and benefits those assets provide to their business.  Bostonia invests in our client’s capital projects and step into the ownership role of that asset, if so desired. Bostonia provides capital asset ownership and management solutions to a variety of clients across multiple industries, including:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy
  • Information Technology
  • Real Estate


Bostonia can provide the leverage, through direct investment and capital asset ownership, to clients developing capital assets for end use by a federal, municipal, or commercial customers.  Through utilization of these services, clients and their customers can structure acquisitions and financings to achieve desired accounting and financial statement and rating agency outcomes:

  • Monetization of assets and cash flows
  • Off-balance sheet and off-debt accounting treatment
  • Credit rating impact
  • True sale accounting treatment